Job Description

The Vice Program Director holds the responsibility to lead operational implementation of the PMC (Project Management Consultant) team and successfully deliver a project/program as defined by the client. He will support the Program Director in exercising his duties and work as the key enabler.

As part of the senior management team, the incumbent holds the responsibility to liaise and coordinate with the Program Director and the rest of the senior management team/peers with all matters related to operational, contractual, implementation, construction, administration, logistics, issues required for the success of the program in accordance with the client expectations.

As part of the Head Office team, the incumbent also holds the responsibility of, and with the collaboration of department managers to champion the setting, monitoring, and reporting of all required management reports and KPIs for the program in accordance to the program’s procedures, client requirement aligned with best practices in the construction industry.

Qualifications / Skills

Expectations for Ideal Candidates

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Closing: 01.07.2025