Track Supervisor REF-J01-205

Job Description

Track Plan. & Resp. Team Supervisor is responsible for leading teams of track engineers and technicians in order to ensure all maintenance of track sub-sytems for both lines 1 & 2, improve operational performance, support and enhance capability and, deliver trainings to track teams Plan. & Resp. Team Supervisor manages the activities of track teams involved in the planning, start up, execution and closeup of track work, and is responsible for ensuring that the maintenance goals are achieved, and status reports are completed timely and accurately.

Qualifications / Skills

Minimum Requirements for Candidates

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or a recognized qualification on similar projects with minimum of a six years of relevant experience.
  • Post-graduation in technical field and management is desirable.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in maintenance in Railway/ Metro, with at least 3 years of managerial role.
  • Experience in start-up of new railway operation including hiring and training of maintenance staff, drafting of maintenance and safety procedures and manuals, testing, commissioning and empty trial running is appreciated.
  • Experience in handling a team of experienced Engineers and Technicians in Railway industry.
  • Experience in handling large scale projects ideally within Operations and Maintenance services.

Expectations for Ideal Candidates

  • Sound Knowledge of general Metro or railway operation and maintenance organisation and current trends in the international field.
  • Good understanding of key safety issues and interface issues with various systems, related to operation and maintenance of metro system.
  • Good understanding of various track subsytems, maintenance practices, regular inspections, KPI, etc.
  • Good understanding of CMMS and CMMS data analysis.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good written and oral communication, negotiating and influencing skills.
  • Good judgment and decision making skills.
  • Good Microsoft Office skills.
  • Good command of both spoken and written in English.


  • Manages & Oversees all track subsystems including during testing & commissioning (rails, turnouts, etc.).
  • Plans track work activities, manage team shifts and conduct advanced track maintenance work
  • Ensures preparation and updating of technical documentation like standard procedures, work instructions, forms checklists, etc. for finalising maintenance practices and safety procedures in relation with the Transit System subcontractor.
  • Provides support and management for maintenance of the track system rails, turnouts, 3rd rail, for both lines and depot to ensure safe and reliable operations, complying with the system supplier’s recommendations and agreed RAMS standards to the satisfaction of the customers within the budget and resource constraints.
  • Ensures that all activities meet and integrate with the organisational requirements for quality management, health and safety, legal and statutory requirements and general duty of care.
  • Develops and coordinates long term preventive & corrective maintenance activities including implementation of TMPs.
  • Ensures preparation, validation, implementation of departmental database and monitors the maintenance plans through CMMS in coordination with CMMS Manager.
  • Analyses disruptions in availability of track system maintenance and plans and executes preventive measures accordingly.
  • Assists Track Manager in providing strategic direction, planning, and managing the development and implementation of policies and procedures for minimising life cycle maintenance costs, maximising availability of track system, maximising reliability and providing adequate protection for employees, passengers and assets.
  • Updates the relevant operations and maintenance procedures and instructions due to changes in system configuration, the equipment maintenance policy, health safety quality and environmental (HSQE) policy, and customer requirements and contractual plans.
  • Overviews all maintenance & trade work activities for repairs (defects) and maintenance to confirm compliance with all statutory and government authorities (Riyadh Development Authority).
  • Reviews all track systems performance & implement strategic analysis and submits RAMS/KPI’s periodical reports and analyses the trends for the improvements of the divisional activities and targets in coordination with RAMS Manager.
  • Prepares annual budget estimates for track system maintenance.
  • Plans, manages and allocates resources to all aspects of maintenance activities within the section of track system maintenance.
  • Supervises and oversees all aspects of maintenance activities pertaining to track system maintenance including all levels of preventive and corrective maintenance, minor modifications and technical investigations on incidents of related infrastructure.
  • Supervises and oversees subordinates and maintenance subcontractors to control system assurance, perform maintenance activities, routine duties and assesses their competency within the corresponding sections.
  • Reviews and manages status of supply/demand and inventory of spare parts and tools/equipment pertaining to Track maintenance.
  • Recruits track maintenance team members, insures knowledge and skill maintaining for his team in collaboration with Training and Track Managers.
  • Draws plans and manages shift work schedules for the track maintenance teams.
  • Manages the maintenance of Track system and ensures that outputs delivered are to an appropriate standard, on time, and within the allocated resources for Track system.
  • Manages and validates the repair works pertaining to track system maintenance, supervises the after services of suppliers/ subcontractors.
  • Raises Work Orders for reactive maintenance requirements and directs all corrective maintenance activities of Track maintenance based on audit inspections.
  • Ensures no interference to Metro activities or the travelling public with an ‘invisible service’ ethos. All works that are likely to interfere with the Metro operations should be carried outside the revenue service.
  • Ensures staff under control are aware of their responsibilities, latest procedures, manuals and policies.
  • Initiates, recommends and provides solutions to issues related to track maintenance subjects.
  • Carries out 24-hour on-call responsibility for incidents and emergency related to track systems.
  • Performs and carries out duties as instructed/directed by and agreed with the Track Manager.

Required Documents

  • Updated CV: 
  • Degree: 
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Closing: 31.12.2021
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