Social Media Specialist - Saudi REF-J00-905

Job Description

Support the Communication Manager by implementing PTC’s external communications at Social Media. Correspond with social Media and Web Channels to keep them updated of PTC developments and ensure that messages are consistent.

Qualifications / Skills

Minimum Requirements for Candidates

  • A bachelor degree in communications, public relations, or marketing.
  • Working experience with internet and social media.
  • Significant public transportation industry experience with successful track record, typically 4-6years with minimum 2 years in managing social media for a reputed company.
  • Knowledge of the management of a corporate web page.

Expectations for Ideal Candidates

  • A relevant master's degree


  • Assist in developing an integrated communications strategy for Social Media and Online marketing.
  • Assist in implementation of PTC’s external communication strategy on web and Social media.
  • Implement communications plans to increase brand awareness and recognition for PTC.
  • Implementation of communications policies and plans for external communications on Web.
  • Assist in external communications plans and policies.
  • Monitor success of plans and recommend updates as required for Social Media
  • Distribute executive messages, prepare presentations to share information on Social Media.
  • Facilitating interdepartmental communications.
  • Implement the creation of external communications, press releases and speeches given by executives on Web or social media presence.
  • Assist in develop and manage networking and engagement programs to enhance PTC’s relationship with the wider community in Riyadh through Social Media.
  • Undertake appropriate market research including analysis of other service providers, demographic and examination of public transportation trends through Web and Social Media.
  • Ensure the systematic collection, review and analysis of market information to identify tactics, market trends, new opportunities and challenges.
  • Communicate on Social media and other interested parties to announce new services as to maintain a positive image of PTC.
  • Analyse the trend on Social Media and advise communication manager for suitable strategy.
  • Assist in Maintaining a strong brand for PTC, including impactful and fit-for-purpose web site and social media
  • Release press statements and articles on public transportation issues at Social Media
  • Propagate written materials for public awareness campaigns on social Media.
  • Provide advice on appropriate promotional strategies such as positioning on Social media
  • Provide advice on target audiences and best ways to communicate with them.
  • Implementation of communications strategies for key issues that can affect PTC’s image on social Media
  • Manage the issues, including identifying appropriate responses and communication channels on social Media
  • Prepare communications materials for Manager to be released on Social Media.
  • Build on existing and develop new relationships social Media and Web.
  • Develop relationships with key media to secure and grow media coverage for online to strengthen the reputation of PTC.
  • Systematically monitor formal and informal broadcast, social media for PTC coverage.
  • Manage the monitoring of media and current affairs developments, across a range of Social Media.
  • Represent PTC to stakeholders on Social Media.
  • Provide answer and moderate comments on Social Media.
  • Create a Social Media Handle for PTC.

Required Documents

  • Updated CV: Latest CV with full experiene mentioned
  • Degree: Kindly upload the highest qualification certificate/ diploma
  • Experience Letter/ Certificate: Certificate: Kindly upload the experience letters for previous 2-3 jobs as minimum , ideally for current job as well
  • National ID: Kindly upload the Passport/ National ID Copy
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Closing: 31.12.2021
Closing: 31.12.2021
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