OCC Dispatcher REF-J00-881

Job Description

Under general supervision, establishes and coordinates the assignment, scheduling and routing of the service provided in real time and respond to unforeseen operational events. Safety and maintaining quality of the service provided are the main concerns.

Other Benefits

Standard benefits as per KSA labor law

Qualifications / Skills

Minimum Requirements for Candidates

  • Minimum qualifications: Technical/Diploma Degree in administration or relative field.
  • At least, 2 years of experience in similar field.
  • Valid Commercial Class B driver's license
  • Arabic: good written & verbal communication skills.
  • English: good written & verbal communication skills
  •  Valid Commercial Class B driver's license  Arabic: good written & verbal communication skills.  English: good written & verbal communication skills  Basic IT skills (MS Office, databases etc.)
  • Basic IT skills (MS Office, databases etc.)

Expectations for Ideal Candidates

  • Advance management & PC skills.


  • Manage and control bus traffic on the route and in the depots, in accordance with the service schedule and published timetable with an emphasis on maintaining connections and first and last departure
  • Verify Bus Captain Allocations and changeovers linked to the service order.
  • Adapt the service schedule in accordance with operating objectives in case of disruption or an operating incident.
  • Oversee bus circulation.
  • Supervising bus movements outside bus service operating hours.
  • Ensure compliance with operating and dispatching procedures.
  • Supervise running of the route (punctuality of departures/ regularity along the line).
  • Make the buses available for maintenance in accordance with the set schedule.
  • Assist the Bus Captain and supervise his actions in the event of a bus breakdown or during an incident.
  • Manage relations with maintenance staff in actual time (especially in regard to vehicles).
  • Conduct inquiries following an incident or accidents and deal with incidents and/or accidents in accordance with operating procedures.
  • Manage events by coordinating management, personnel, and appropriate, additional agencies.
  • Inform all relevant staff of safety and operating instructions implemented when an incident occurs.
  • Complete and submit on time the daily operations report.
  • Maintain an accurate daily attendance roster of drivers and assistants.
  • Ensure ready access to an up-to-date route sheet for each planned route.
  • Record bus captain logs/absences
  • Maintain cordial working relationships with assigned drivers and assistants.
  • Assess the professional qualities of driving staff.
  • Assign driving personnel for transportation vehicle operations.
  • Ensure that drivers and driver assistants clock their times accurately and that any write-in time is accurately reflected on the daily report

Required Documents

  • Updated CV: Latest CV with full experience mentioned
  • Degree: Kindly upload the highest qualification certificate/ diploma
  • Experience Letter/ Certificate: Kindly upload the experience letters for previous 2-3 jobs as minimum , ideally for current job as well
  • National ID: Kindly upload the Passport/ National ID Copy
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Closing: 31.12.2022
Closing: 31.12.2022
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