Internal Audit and Compliance Manager - Saudi REF-J00-885

Job Description

To ensure through regular, independent examination of significant activities that the Dept. Managers of PTC have reasonable assurance regarding the safeguarding of assets, maintenance of accounting records. Timely and accurately preparation of management report and the overall operation of PTC to be in compliance with laws and regulations.Responsible for the consolidation and the analysis of the PTC performance indicators (KPIs and penalties) for all the PTC departments.

Qualifications / Skills

Minimum Requirements for Candidates

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree from a recognized University
  • Qualification as Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Saudi Organization for CPA (SOCPA)
  • Minimum 15 Years of full time work experience in auditing including 5 years of Senior Managerial position.

Expectations for Ideal Candidates

  • Qualification as Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountant (CA, CPA)


  • Review the plan prepared for each assigned audit to ensure covering of activities and effectiveness of allocation of audit work to assigned team member.
  • Understand the skill-set of the staff under his responsibility to ensure that the individual team members are allocated sufficiently challenging work.
  • Review and approve the Plan prepared for each engagement to ensure proper understanding of purpose, scope and objective by team members, including allocation of audit works.
  • Review the annual audit and budget plans prepared by managers under own responsibility, and coordinate with the other departments to ensure appropriate covering of PTCs’ activities using risk based approach.
  • Provide guidance to staff under his supervision in order to ensure that work is completed in a satisfactory manner, identifying all relevant issues in an investigation.
  • Ensure that audit work is performed efficiently and effectively by focusing on the risk area in accordance with approved risk analysis form.
  • Direct and administer all Business Audit activities to ensure that all areas of PTCs’ activity receive appropriate audit coverage.
  • Ensure the accomplishment of the audit program in accordance with acceptable engagement standards and stipulated schedules/audit plan.
  • Ensure that the exceptions identified by team are accurate, relevant and ensure the provision of sufficient and reliable evidence to support conclusions.
  • Review the audit report prepared by managers at the end of each branch/ group audit, and submits to GM for approval on a timely basis.
  • Ensure and contribute as deemed necessary to provide senior staff within the assigned location/audited parties with reports on engagement coverage and engagement results, and interprets those results.
  • Ensure adequacy of the follow up process by team and appraising the adequacy of management's actions to correct reported issues/observations.
  • Participate in drafting concise summary reports provided to the Audit Committee and copied to the GM.
  • Ensure that the GM is informed about important audit or accounting issues on a timely basis.
  • Ensure reliability and sufficiency of the financial and management information generated by and furnished for executive managements.
  • Reviews the audit reports prepared by staff under own responsibility on a timely basis and ensure the audit conclusions are properly and adequately supported.
  • Coordinate closely with Risk Management, Legal Advisory and Quality Departments.
  • Maintain effective working relations with executive and operating management
  • Determine areas of risk and appraises their significance in relation to operational factors of cost, schedule, and quality.
  • Classify engagement projects as to degree of risk and significance and as to frequency of coverage.
  • Review the evaluations prepared by audit staff for the reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of control procedures designed by Audited parties’ management to mitigate the risks that might hinder achievement of PTC objectives.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the key controls and efficiency of performance of the Audited parties being audited.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the key controls and efficiency of performance of the Audited parties being audited. Review all audit comments raised in a manner that it provides relevant and reliable evidence to support conclusions.
  • Develop a system of cost and schedule control over engagement projects and establish standards of performance and, by review, determines that performance meets the standards.
  • Monitor the full implementation of a software and that all team members are fully aware and make use of the said program in all audit assignments.
  • Maintain an awareness of PTCs’ continuously changing in policies and procedures and maintain current knowledge of industry developments through training and courses attendance to enable audit assignments and investigations to be performed in the knowledge of current operational practice and industries best practices.
  • Ensure maintenance of various essential fundamentals auditing standards (e.g. independence, objectivity, proficiency and performance of audit work to be exercised with no significant quality compromises).
  • Provide for and conduct research and develop manuals and training guides
  • Help instil a culture of development, guidance and performance within the company
  • Lead, guide and evaluate a team of professionals
  • Provide development opportunities to the team and ensure career paths and succession plans are charted out
  • Empower team members to take business decisions by effectively delegating authority

Required Documents

  • Updated CV: Latest CV with full experiene mentioned
  • Degree: Kindly upload the highest qualification certificate/ diploma
  • Experience Letter/ Certificate: Certificate: Kindly upload the experience letters for previous 2-3 jobs as minimum , ideally for current job as well
  • National ID: Kindly upload the Passport/ National ID Copy
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Closing: 31.12.2022
Closing: 31.12.2022
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