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Mercans, Single Provider of Non-Aggregated Services – Global Human Resources Outsourcing Services (HRO)

  • Mercans, the developer of Mesaar™, is an international non-aggregated services provider expert in multi-country human resources outsourcing services (HRO) and global payroll outsourcing services. Mercans proposes the broadest range of human capital management services (HCM) and international PEO GEO services.
  • As a non-aggregator for PEO and recruitment outsourcing services, and unlike many other HRO services providers, Mercans is committed never to outsource its human resources management services (HRM), its international HRM and PEO outsourcing services, or any other employment tasks to external subcontractors or third-party operators.
  • Present in more than 140 countries worldwide, Mercans employs more than 500 in-country HR and payroll consultants to deliver, monitor, and ensure quality and security control of its recruitment outsourcing services and its human resources management outsourcing solutions. Mercans’ teams abroad also assist customers with the highly-secured set-up, maintenance, and upgrades of Mesaar, Mercans' ATS-integrated recruitment SaaS suite.
  • In short, as a global PEO and recruitment outsourcing company, we are a borderless people engagement enabler with in-depth foreign markets knowledge and local compliance expertise, empowering businesses – regardless of their size or industry – with timely, scalable results, bottom-line savings, and remarkable data security. Learn More

Mercans, Global Mobility Partner – International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and GEO Services

  • For employers needing to hire, mobilize, and manage small to massive workforces, the services of global PEO GEO companies like Mercans are highly beneficial. With PEO GEO services, clients can utilize Mercans as their Employer of Record (EoR) to ensure the recruitment and the management of their global workforce without having to set up a local legal entity in the countries in which they want to operate.
  • As a non-aggregator for PEO and recruitment outsourcing services, and unlike many other HRO services providers, Mercans is committed never to outsource its human resources management services (HRM), its international HRM and PEO outsourcing services, or any other employment tasks to external subcontractors or third-party operators.
  • Relying on an Employer of Record, in the context of global PEO services, is the ideal scenario for a seamless global expansion since Mercans, as EOR, takes the responsibility of the human resources management on behalf of its clients, thus ensuring risk mitigation from the financial and compliance perspectives. At the same time, the clients not only can keep an eye on their employee data and career changes, but also maintain control of their staff mobilization strategy.
  • Thanks to its innovative single SLA model, Mercans handles the international recruitment process outsourcing, throughout the HRM lifecycle, from onboarding to dismissal or end-of-service (including payroll processing, retirement pensions, and benefits packages management), mobilization operations (including immigration formalities, visas, work permits) and compliance with local taxes and social security requirements, labor laws and employment regulations./li>

Compliant and Risk-Free Expansion with Mercans – Recruitment and Employment Outsourcing Solutions

  • Consisting of international HRM and payroll consultants, the Mercans teams are country-based field experts. They don't sit behind their desk at Mercans headquarters. Having a local physical presence across the world is a strategy driven by our dedication to ensuring the consistent and sustainable global growth of our clients and offering unparalleled employment experience and employee satisfaction for their people.
  • Our online self-service platforms, Mesaar, Mercans' recruitment SaaS suite with an applicant tracking system (ATS) functionality, and HR Blizz™, Mercans' Global Payroll SaaS Suite – a single integrated payroll and HR management cloud-based solution – automate, process and monitor all the HRM and payroll tasks from calculating salaries, cutting deductions, depositing wages directly into bank accounts, or producing payslips and tax forms in compliance with local regulations. Mesaar and HR Blizz are the perfect companions for any recruitment process outsourcing projects (RPO) and for all global mobility initiatives.
  • Setting up our HR and payroll software solutions is quick and easy, and getting started takes just a few simple steps. The unparalleled quality of our customer service is critical for those navigating the HR and payroll changing regulatory landscapes and compliance requirements. Not only our SaaS offer built-in compliance capabilities, but our in-country experts also help 24/7 to remain compliant while assisting with direct on-shore support.

Mercans' Comprehensive Offer – Human Resources Advisory, Global Payroll Outsourcing, and Much More

  • Mercans provides clients and their teams abroad with all the services that international professional employer organizations (PEO) and global employment outsourcing companies (GEO) are meant to deliver while mitigating financial, compliance, and expatriation risks related to global expansion. We also propose worldwide talent acquisition and employee leasing, business process outsourcing services (BPO), local statutory compliance consulting, human capital management advisory, and we develop global mobility strategies with staff mobilization plans.
  • Mercans Services at a Glance

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Flexible Proprietary Software-as-a-Service Solutions – Military-Grade Security, Quality and Cost Reduction

  • Our proprietary SaaS Products, Mesaar, and HR Blizz, are multi-country, multi-support, multi-language, and multi-currency self-service tools packed with built-in features. All workforce information and payroll data are safely integrated into single highly-secured interfaces accessible anywhere on any device. They are compatible with standard HRMS like SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle HCM, and MS Dynamics.
  • Our systems and processes are GDPR compliant, ISO 9001, 20000, 27001 certified for all of our locations, and are SOC 1 & SOC 2 audited. We have completed and passed all OWASP Type 3.0 penetration tests. A registered FinPro expert, we are a member of the Global Payroll Association (GPA) and the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI). 

Mercans' Unstoppable Global Growth – Corporate Summary

  • The Mercans headquarters are located in London and the company has numerous offices across the globe in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Far East, from Japan to Australia and New Zealand. Success-oriented and striving for excellence within our customers' budget, we have earned the trust of major companies, helping them to expand abroad, quickly and efficiently, at reduced operational costs.
  • Our clients are Accenture, Adidas, Airbus, ATKearney, Audi, Bayer, Bombardier, Electrolux, Ericsson, Exxon Mobil, EY, Johnson & Johnson, Kärcher, McLaren, Nokia, Tesla, Uber, and 3M, among others. We connect people, resources, and information to boost productivity, collaboration, and engagement across organizations, and we have all the strategic capabilities to support any workforce mobilization project from end-to-end and monitor human resources mobility performance in real-time. Read More | Contact Us
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